The Penny Bridges on Sheridan at 33rd Street

The Sheridan Boulevard bridges are considered to be structurally deficient based on the Federal Highway Administration’s National Bridge Inventory ratings scale. Both bridges have significant deterioration and have reached a point of needing to be replaced. Funding for the replacement structures is exclusively from local dollars. The design process is complete and construction started on May 4th.


August 2015 - Bridge girders have been set on abutments of the bridges. A time-lapse video shows this process of girders being set on the eastbound bridge. Girder placement represents a major construction milestone. Once girders are set, Hawkins will begin work on forming up the deck. Decks should be poured in August. The contractor is on schedule and there have been no delays, even with excessive rains this spring and early summer. Citizens can expect to see a lot of visible progress over the next month. Weather permitting, the project team is confident that bridges will be open to traffic by January of 2016.